There are some things I want to remember about my family that need more than a photo.

Inspired by creating my own family films, family films are some of my most precious possessions. It gives me such JOY to now offer these to my clients! Keepsake films are created in your home or individual children's keepsake films can be created at the location of your choice.

"There isn't a numerical value that I could

possibly place on having this video in my

possession. Anyone who has a child knows what a thief time is. A grin, the way they say that word or sing that song, the swing they spend no less than 30 minutes on every day it's not raining- all their tiny nuisances - you think you'll always remember, but you don't.

I've already found myself forgetting. So, the moment I watched this video - cue the waterworks. It far exceeded my expectations I was really going to be happy with just raw footage of our day to day. Mary Kim captured it all and in such a beautiful way. It wasn't forced, it wasn't weird, it was just us. My girl won't stay little forever, but in this video - she will."

- Nicole M.

"I can’t say enough good things! The best gift our family ever received was a family film from MK Loeffler Photography. What a unique way to capture time, moments and memories to have for years and years to come. The quality is incredible, the creativity is unmatched. The days are long but the years are short. We hear it so much but as a mom you never understand it until you live it. And what a beautiful thing to be able to capture just a few of those in between moments throughout these years. This is such an amazing way to do that and we will definitely do one every couple years!"

- Emily W.


How long will filming take?

Expect 2-3 hours of film time.

How long will my film be and what's your turnaround time?

Finished family keepsake films are 2-3 min in length, and my turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

What will we do during filming?

Keepsake films are all about the magic that comes from the ordinary. Daily routines or family activities are best suited for this type of film. I go through a questionnaire with you before filming in order to get a feel for your family and what would make for good content. If an individual child keepsake film is being created, we will be filming possibly at a different location, depending on their interests.