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One of my favorite things about my job being a part of someone’s beginning. Amy and Brad love their holsteins (cows for the city folk! ) and it’s because of them that these two found one another. After meeting through a family friend at a national convention, Amy and Brad’s love story began. I’m so excited that their long distance relationship is no more as they begin their new adventure out in Pennsylvania! Their wedding day was filled with love and laughter, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Some of my favorite moments was the reveal of Amy’s gift for Brad and a touching first look and daddy daughter dance between Boyd and Amy. I’m so honored that they asked me to document their day! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hoover!


The Dress: Elegant Brides

Bridesmaids: Dillards Wedding Collection

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Florist: Vine Floral Designas (Veronica Ambuhl) 

Cake: Diekemper Cakery

DJ: Even Flow DJ Service

Makeup: Kiki Chosid

Hair Stylist: Renee at The Salon

First Dance Song: Dan + Shay, “From the Ground Up”

Videography: S. Price Media


St. Louis Wedding Photography

St. Louis Weddings

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Illinois Wedding Photography

Illinois Weddings

Illinois Wedding Photography

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Illinois Weddings

I can’t remember the first time I met Liz. We always had mutual friends but we ended up in some college classes together at SIUE, and then clicked so well that we ended up college roommates. I love this girl so much. Liz and Mike met when she came into Mike’s workplace, and when I found out that their first date was down on Delmar, I knew it would be the perfect spot for their engagement session.

When I asked Liz what she loved about Mike, she said he has such a kind heart. Mike’s favorite thing about Liz is her genuine integrity. You guys, kindness and integrity are two amazing qualities to begin a life together.  I cannot be more excited to photograph their September wedding!

Illinois Wedding Photography

Illinois Wedding Photographer

Illinois Engagement Photography

Illinois Engagement Photographer

St. Louis Weddings

St. Louis Wedding Photography

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Delmar Loop Engagement Session

Forest Park Engagement Session

Planning a winter wedding can be very challenging, but Anna and Brad did a fabulous job for their December wedding! Being from Kansas City and Indiana, they decided on St. Louis because it means so much to them. It’s where Anna and Brad met while attending school at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. After a beautiful ceremony at The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis and a walk around St. Louis’ Central West End, we headed to a cozy reception at The Lodge at Grant’s Trail.  Two of my favorite moments from the day were the look on both Anna and Brad’s faces during the first look, and the heartfelt speech given by Anna’s father during the reception.

A few words of advice to future bride and grooms:

Anna: Although it is hard at times, try to not worry about the little things and enjoy the company of all those around you who love you.

Brad: If possible, allow for one day before leaving for honeymoon. We spent the entire day after the wedding saying goodbye to family, packing, opening gifts, and organizing apartment. I know we would have been stressed and pressed for time trying to leave for our honeymoon the day after our wedding.

Congratulations to you both as you begin your new year as a married couple!


Ceremony: The Cathedral Basilica St. Louis

Reception: The Lodge at Grant’s Trail

Florist: Snapdragon Studio

Cake: Wedding Cake Wonderland

Band: Landolfi String quartet

Gown: The Gown Gallery, Kansas City


St. Louis Weddings

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

St. Louis Wedding Photography

St. Louis Wedding

St. Louis Winter Wedding

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Illinois Wedding Photography

Illinois Wedding Photographer

December Wedding

I knew that they would be a fun couple, when at the end of our bridal consult, the questions they wanted to know were about me! They asked fun things like what my favorite color, food, and DISNEY PIXAR movie was! lol. I immediately loved Molly and Chris!! 🙂 Molly and Chris have been such a fun couple to work with! We started out their big day with a letter opening. Molly and Chris were placed back to back as they anxiously fought the nerve to take a peek over their shoulders. After a ceremony, filled with beautiful Filipino traditions, we headed to the place where it all began. Molly and Chris were high school sweethearts. Their love began at Nernix Hall on their high school campus. We were even able to grab a shot of the spot where they shared their first kiss. We completed the day with a gorgeous reception at Palladium St. Louis. What a lovely, lovely way to wrap up the fall wedding season for me! Something I’ve loved getting to know these two is how fun-loving and romantic they are. Here’s just a few words from Molly and Chris about their big day.

What were you feeling before you read the letters to each other and during? Did you really want to sneak a peek?  

M: I was really excited! I’ve saved every letter Chris has written me throughout the years and I couldn’t wait to read the last one he would write before he became my husband. While reading the letter, I kept wondering what he thought of my letter, especially the inside joke I put at the end. As for taking a peek, I have to admit that I did see his shoulders! I’m not sure if that counts as a peek, but it did make me want to see the rest of him. I couldn’t wait to see him in his tux!

C: Before reading the letters, I was incredibly excited. I wanted to know what Molly was thinking because we hadn’t talked to each other at all that day – which is odd for us. I also felt kind of funny. While MK and Ashley were shuffling me around to take pictures and ensure I didn’t see Molly, they ended up putting me in a closet for more than 5 minutes. (Thanks for being a good sport Chris! 😉 lol) 

As we read the letters, I wanted to know what she was feeling as she read the letter, and whether or not she felt like crying. I also remember poring over her words and taking them in, as they would be the last words (except the vows) that she would say to me as legally single people.

As much as I wanted to sneak a peek, I knew that I would be happier seeing her for the first time as she walked down the aisle. Over the course of the last year, she had shown me some of the things she had bought to wear on our wedding day, but the ultimate outfit was shrouded in mystery. In retrospect, waiting to see her was definitely the right move – and was incredibly worth it.

What was your favorite part of the day? 

M: This is a really hard one to answer because the whole day was exactly, if not better than, how I wanted it to be. One of the moments that makes it to the top of the list is when we rode the trolley with our bridal party after the wedding. Chris and I were sitting in the back, facing everyone and it hit me that not only I am married to my best friend, but we are also surrounded by the people closest to us, most of whom would not be together if it weren’t for their love and support of us.

C: My favorite part of the day was when we exchanged vows at the ceremony. During that part of the ceremony, I felt that proclaiming my dedication to Molly for the rest of our lives (and after) was like clueing our family and friends in on a secret that Molly and I have known for quite a long time. I remember looking up at Molly after finishing my vows and internally celebrating that, at that moment, the rest of our lives officially had officially begun.

What advice would you give other couples about their wedding day? 

M:  Write letters to each other to read the day of. You don’t have to incorporate them into a “first touch”‘like we did, but having those letters gives you the opportunity to relive part of the day and reminds you of how much you love each other.

C: I would advise other couples to spend a few minutes at the reception with their new spouses to soak the experience in. This is your day to celebrate your marriage with not only your friends and family, but also with your spouse. Take a minute to tell each other that you love each other. Take a few seconds to admire your new spouse. You are a team now, and you will face everything together for the rest of your lives.

SO well said. 🙂 Congratulations to the two of you!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!!

Ceremony: Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Reception: Palladium Saint Louis

Gown: Allure: Clarice’s Bridal

Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

Florist: Kelly at The Crimson Petal

Cake: The Cakery

DJ: Millenium Productions

Videography: George Street Photo and Video

St. Louis Wedding Photography

St. Louis Weddings

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

St. Louis Wedding

Webster Groves Wedding

It was obvious when I first saw Ashley that she was pretty, but when I saw her smile she was even more beautiful. I knew she’d be a natural in front of the camera! I have to say, I am LOVING these fall sessions! The leaves have been amazing! Blue Bird Park was no exception. I love that we went to a location that is special to Ashley and her family. Ashley is a talented diver at Marquette High School and will be attending Missouri State University next year! Thanks Ashley for asking me to be your senior photographer!

Senior Photography

St. Louis Senior Photography

St. Louis Senior Session

St. Louis Senior Photographer

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Illinois Senior Photographer

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Class of 2017

Marquette High School